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Sensory Spectacle creates immersive learning experiences to educate about and form a better awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Our workshops and installations give you an opportunity of experiencing first-hand how a SPD might impact your life allowing for greater awareness and understanding of auditory, visual, tactile, smell, taste, proprioceptive and vestibular difficulties.

Sensory Spectacle's immersive environments naturally encourage you to reflect on your experience and to better formulate ways to support people living with SPD.


We were Founded by Becky Lyddon in 2014 and she is often invited to chair conferences relating to sensory difficulties, a guest speaker & visiting lecturer on degree courses too.


coming up in 2019/2020

  • 6th December - FEEL IT, Nottingham - £85

  • 16th January - FEEL IT, Cardiff - £85

  • 17th January - KNOW IT, Cardiff - £100

  • 28th January - FEEL IT, Hastings - £85

  • 30th January - FEEL IT, Luton - £85

  • 13th February - FEEL IT IT, Plymouth - £85

  • 14th February - DO IT, Plymouth - £100

Our immersive training and workshops can be used simultaneously, or separately and are tailored to fit your bespoke needs.


We are flexible in our approach which allows us to provide for everyone, from creating awareness at events and conferences, providing informative and interactive workshops as well as building bespoke installations for you & your organisation to learn first hand from.


We will work with you to create a tailor-made experience that offers a unique learning experience, like our sensory classroom.

Video showing the work we do. Our immersive environments, workshops, bespoke experiences and awareness events.

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