Workshops for Early Years


Did you know that the first few years of our lives are so important in regards to our sensory development?

We rely on our senses to help us to understand and interpret our surroundings. They help us to learn, build relationships and alert us to danger amongst many other things!


When we are under 5 years old we a exploring our environment and while doing this we are also helping our bodies to integrate the sensory information it receives. We need our senses to all work together for us to be able to develop skills like picking something up (hand eye co-ordination). To do this we need our sense of vision, touch and proprioception to work together. This is sensory integration.


To support all children's development we need to offer sensory experiences to help with this. Sensory pathways are formed in our brains when we experience stimulation from a sensory system. We need these to be familiar with lots of diverse experiences so that information can be processed and understood effectively.


Play is one of the most important ways we can support this in early years settings.


Our workshops can help your team to learn about the importance of sensory processing in relation to a child's development as well as become familiar and confident at recognising characteristics which may relate to sensory processing difficulties in under 5 year olds and how you can support them.


A video explaining why we need to support our senses to develop. This video can also be found on our YouTube channel.

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