Immersive Learning

All our experiential installations were designed and created by Becky Lyddon, she holds all copyright to them.


Cristina, Lola's World & Being Ben were a response to her findings while on a Masters in Art & Science exploring the autistic sensory world in 2011.


To get the opportunity to learn through experience about SPD you can attend a workshop, arrange an in-house workshop or come and visit us at our next exhibition or event.


We attend events, conferences and training days with our installations. They're a great way to create awareness and to get people talking!

Lola's World

(image above)

Is a mirrored installation which reflects the environment in a way which some people with a hyper visual processing difficulty might be seeing their surroundings.


Based on a description by Temple Grandin.

She said "I do not have a visual processing difficulty but for someone who does, they might be seeing the world mosaic-like."


She references this to an image in Oliver Sacks' book Migraine which shows the stages of a break down of a migraine.


(image above)

Based on the stereotypical 'rock' that many films seem to portray when including someone on the autistic spectrum.


Cristina is a chair that naturally rocks forwards and backwards when you sit back on it.


Cristina was designed to help society recognise that rocking is a calming movement. 

We also provide in-house immersive training. Currently these are based on a classroom and mealtime environment.


If you'd like to learn more about these click on the links below.

Being Ben

(image above)

Is a perspex box which creates the external environment inside the box with all sounds being heard at the same intensity.


Based on many descriptions by people on the autistic spectrum where they find it difficult to filter out the un-necessary sounds in the environment.


This means they might find it difficult to focus on one voice / sound, to listen to instructions etc. There are many ways people with this hyper auditory processing difficulty adapt.



A smell installation which recreates a situation explained to us by Daniel.


He explained he couldn't put on his clothes when they had been freshly washed as the smell was too strong. He would have to make his clothes dirty before he could wear them.


This installation gives you the idea of how an intense smell can affect our feelings and response to our environment.

We are happy to come and support your event. We can provide our installations as well as presentations about the work we do or sensory related topics.

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