A conference helping us to

understand how we feel

Held at The Bridge School,

251 Hungerford Road, London,

N7 9LD

Thursday 12th March we are arranging a conference where research and practice will come together to help answer some of your questions relating to our internal sense - Interoception.

The day will be packed from 9am - 5pm

£150 professionals

£75 parents

Presenting at the conference are

Dr Jamie Galpin - The Bridge School, London -

It’s what on the inside that counts – getting in to interoception

Professor Manos Tsakiris - Royal Holloway, UoL - Being you, with a body in mind 

Dr Liz Shea - Food refusal team - Food refusal and sensory difficulties

Jyoti Jo Manuel - Founder Special Yoga - Techniques to support emotions, anxiety and internal awareness

Becky Lyddon - Sensory Spectacle Founder - recognising needs in people with Sensory processing difficulties

The day will provide researchers, professionals, carers & parents with information explaining what exactly this sensory system is. We will have lectures from some leading researchers in the area as well as practitioners in Occupational Therapy and SEN.

Merging how research is put into practice is so important for us all to learn from and to continue to improve the services and the care we provide.

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