Sensory Support Sack with Spinning Disc

Sensory Support Sack with Spinning Disc


A spinning disc is perfect for students who like spinning and particular vestibular input. Similar to sitting on a computer chair, when you put this disc on the seat and sit on it you will be able to rotate from left to right while also working on the table in front of you.


You will get one of our exclusive bags as part of this with 11 other items in the bag which includes

  • Digital timer - great for supporting timed activities and to lower anxiety relating to how much time is left during transitions or work.
  • Liquid timer or Sand timer - great as a visual support for relaxing times throughout the day - a great way to teach calming.
  • Sound reative bracelet - perfect for students who understand when the light flashes the noise is loud. So if someone is a loud talker, they can use it to teach themself when to lower their voice. Otherwise it is a great tool to have during group work for everyone to see how much volume is being created and then being responsible for keeping it down low.
  • Glitter bracelet or marble fidget - we know having something to occupy our hands can be a great to support students while concentrating and listening to instructions.
  • Exfoliating gloves - if you have students who seek rough textures, like sand paper, or scrath or pick their skin these gloves can be worn during activities to help provide that tactile stimulation.
  • Hand exerciser - brilliant tool to help someone 'wake up' their hands and fingers before writing, typing and and hand activities. If you currently notice students clapping, tapping or playing with their fingers before activities this can really help to sustain that proprioceptive awareness of their hands.
  • Smelly pot - this is my most popular recommendation to support both a smell seeker or avoider. For a seeker you can create a pot which has a smell they request in it. On a tissue add the scent and put it in the pot. The great thing is that the smell doesn't take over the air for everyone to smell - it is much more controlled. For avoiders add a small piece of their clothing or someone close to them and this will be a great way to help them block out the smells which overwhelm them. Our own smell or one of someone familiar is the best strategy to use.
  • Tactile star - a really popular fidget at the moment is this soft rubber tactile star. There's slightly different textures on each side and is easy to carry around in a pocket.
  • Squidgy circle fidget - a visual and tactile fidget that is handy to occupy fidgety fingers as well as curious eyes looking to explore how things are seen in their environment.
  • Kinetic rings - a fun way to engage someone's upper body in 'waking up'. Put these rings on your wrist and they pop open and roll up to your should and down to your arm creating a mesmerising visual patterr while feeling it flow on your body. Also can be used in paired activities and the rings can flow from one person to the next when holding hands.
  • Koosh ball or Spikey light up ball - having a ball provides so many leanring opportunities from initiating conversations to exploring the world around us.
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