The Sensory Classroom

The Sensory Classroom training is very popular for inset training days in all levels of education. You will experience how it might feel to have specific Sensory Processing Difficulties as described by the children & adults we work with.

Sensory Spectacle were commissioned by The Autism Show (2015) to create a sensory classroom. This offers participants an opportunity to experience how it might feel to have an auditory, visual & smell processing difficulty while in a classroom.


We have 2 versions of our Sensory Classroom one aimed at Primary (under 11 years) education setting and one focusing on Secondary education highlighting the impact of transitions as well.


If you would like to discuss ways we can work together or what you would like to create to educate / train your staff please email us at

Here's a video from when it was at The Autism Show 2015 in London, Birmingham & Manchester.


Sensory Classroom training experience.


We will come and train your team all about how a sensory processing difficulty might impact your classroom experience.






Number of participants - up to 30 people depending on the set up per class.


What is the experience? - we begin with a session introducing characteristics of SPD which you might recognise in the classroom. Then you will get a chance to be taught an Art, English or Maths class while being exposed to a visual, smell and auditory processing difficulty.


What you will learn - a first hand experience of how you might cope in a classroom with a SPD, recognise how the SPD impacts your concentration and interaction in the class and see how well you do at following the teachers instructions. Through self-reflection you will be able to empathise with students and create strategies to support people based on your personal experience.


Who is it suitable for? - This experience is aimed at educating everyone. We run it for teaching staff, parents, employers and students.


How long is the training? - the booked session will last 2.5 hours. During this time you will have a workshop introducing how to recognise SPD in the classroom and an experiential part learning how SPD can impact some students.


How much does it cost? - contact for an in-house training quote.


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