The Sensory Dining room

The Sensory Dining room is an immersive training experience which will offer you an opportunity to experience how a Sensory Processing Disorder might impact your mealtimes.

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This training focuses on some difficulties with food as well as the environment as explained by the people with SPD whom we work closely with.


This initial training was created based on research gathered while collaborating with Queensmill school, London. 


Picky eating - immersive workshops learning why with Sensory Spectacle

Sensory Dining room training experience.


We will come and train your team all about how a sensory processing difficulty might impact meal times.






Number of participants - up to 30 diners per sitting.


What is the experience? - we begin with a session introducing what SPD is and how we can identify characteristics relating to mealtimes. You are then served a 3 course tasting menu during the immersive training. 


What you will learn - how to identify and support people with SPD during mealtimes relating to food as well as the environment.  You will gain a first hand experience of some SPD relating to food and the environment and strategies to support people with SPD during mealtimes.


Who is it suitable for? - This experience is for all everyone. We have run it with teaching staff, parents, employers and kitchen staff.


How long is the training? - it's 2.5 hours (we will need to be onsite 2 hours in advance) We normally run it twice in one day.


What we need from you - a kitchen & dining space, enough crockery for your staff team, a separate training space, parking onsite.


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