Who we are

Sensory Spectacle was founded in 2014 by myself, Becky Lyddon.


While working as a playworker in a shortbreaks service for local authority in west London I studied a Masters in Art & Science part time. I wanted to learn more about the autistic sensory world and find a way of educating the public about how it impacts lives. In my role as a playworker it would be common that members of the public would come and ask me why a child I was supporting was doing something, or asking them to stop doing something. I believe if there was better awareness of Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD) then these things may ease and inclusion would be easier.


So I began create experiences to put the public into a situation of how a SPD might feel and impact their life. In 2014 I arranged a private exhibition housing all these installations alongside an autistic artist each week. Feedback from this month long exhibition was that there needed to be more opportunites to experience these works and to learn from them.


That's how Sensory Spectacle began. Our ultimate passion is for a better understanding of SPD and therefore a better awareness of it. We attend events, conferences, workshops to give you an opportunity to experience what it may be like to have a SPD. We have worked closely with schools and organisations in the UK as well as Dubai, Mumbai, Kampala and Amsterdam. 


We are here to educate and support parents, carers, teachers, other professionals, charities, organisations, employers, architects, service providers, medical professionals, siblings, disability awareness programmes as well as managers and the general public.


Did you know you can find out information about us in the Wellcome collection archives, London?


I am also a Regional Makaton Tutor and have experience of being a Makaton Interpreter for various occasions.



Our Team

I have a great team supporting me in various aspects of the work Sensory Spectacle does. 


Claire - has been one of the main driving forces since I started making the installations. She is our Chief representative and will be at most of our events helping people to reflect on their learning experience. Claire has over 20 years working experience with people with additional needs.


Tracy - full of knowledge and passion to help people with additional needs be included in society, Tracy helps out with some of our workshop promotion and administration work. She is great at spreading the word about SS and a Twitter queen!


Holly - one of the most creative sensory minds I have ever met. Holly is amazing at finding ways to support sensory development and engagement. Holly helps us with some of our seasonal sensory play ideas. Holly currently volunteers her time to us.


Hannah - if there's an event we're arranging it's likely Hannah is helping out. She is great at planning the fine details to ensure everything runs smoothly. Hannah volunteers her precious time for our events.


Sarah - is our media and video talent. She has helped us since we began in editing, filming and sharing video content to help spread the word about SS. Sarah has attended all of our events to film for us and has even managed to recruit volunteers to help too! Sarah volunteers her time for our video work.

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