Upcoming & past


Here you can find out where we are going to be running workshops in the future.


If we are in your area we will offer a 10% discount off a workshop so it's worth checking to see where we are travelling to soon. 



10th - Home Education observation Ely

16th - Becoming a Sensory Detective talk, South Yorkshire Autism Awareness event Sheffield

21st - Sensory support and advisor, WAVE for change event London

25th - Pathway Care Solutions workshop for staff about SPD, Leicester

30th - Autus Cumbria 2 workshops for parents and professionals about SPD, Haverigg


1st - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, LeylandBook here

7th - Peterborough parents training about SPD, Peterborough

10th - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, KentBook here

11th - Havering council Early Years conference, Havering

15th - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, DoncasterBook here

21st - Royal Academy of Art staff training about a Sensory Map, London

29th - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, CarlisleBook here

30th - 1st - Hillside school Kilmarnock staff and parent training with observations, Kilmarnock


4th - 6th - Willowdene school Kilmarnock staff and parent training with observations, Kilmarnock

8th - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, DurhamBook here

14th - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, SheffieldBook here

15th - Pre-planned DO IT workshop for parents & professionals, SheffieldBook here

18th - Pathway Care Solutions workshop for staff about SPD, Leicester

20th - Masbro training for parents about SPD, London

28th - Flo's final forum, London

29th - Walsall Local Authority early years conference, Walsall

Who we have worked with


Discovery Teaching School Alliance - Keynote speaker Cambridge

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, Norwich

FEEL IT workshop for parents in Rotherham, Rotherham

Brooklands Museum, SEN conference, Sensory Map workshop, Weybridge

FEEL IT workshop for care staff at WESC, Devon

Penn Fields special school SEN conference - Keynote speaker Wolverhampton

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, Birmingham

FEEL IT workshop for parents in Hammersmith & Fulham, London

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents & professionals, London

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Sheffield

Modus Care, in-house staff FEEL IT workshop, Devon

Key speaker at Autism Puzzles Autism Awareness Day conference, Cardiff

Full of Life parents training, DO IT workshop London

Royal Academy of Art, SEND conference, sensory map workshop, London

Limpsfield Grange school, staff training, Immersive Sensory Classroom training, Surrey

Surestart, staff training, FEEL IT workshop, Portadown

Southern Trust, Northern Ireland, staff training for social services, FEEL IT workshop, Dungannon

Little Orchids staff and parent training, DO IT workshop, Derry

Little Orchids staff and parent training, FEEL IT workshop, Derry

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Derry, N.I

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Glasgow

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Liverpool

UCLAN, BA guest lecture and staff sensory awareness training, Lancashire

Pre-planned DO IT workshop for parents & professionals, Swansea

Jigso staff training, DO IT focusing on mealtimes, Cardigan

Autism Puzzles charity, parents training, half day FEEL IT, half day DO IT, Cardiff

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop for parents and professionals, Cardiff

Modus Care, in-house staff FEEL IT workshop, Devon

Full of Life, training for staff supporting adults about SPD, London

Full of Life parents training about Sensory Processing Disorder, London

Masbro parents 2 day training, London


FEEL IT workshop - staff inset, WESC,  Devon

Keynote speaker at Early years conference,  Walsall

FEEL IT for parents & DO IT workshop for staff & parents at Forestway school, Leicester

Introduction to SPD - FEEL IT workshop, Calthorpe

Understanding SPD - Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, London

Interoception conference - bringing researchers, practitioners  & parents together, The Bridge School, London

Sensory Dining room immersive training - staff inset, The Avenue School, Reading

FEEL IT workshop - staff inset, Oaklands School, London

Introduction to SPD - FEEL IT workshop, Newcastle 

Communication training, nursery setting, London

Keynote at Havering Early Years conference, Havering

Introduction to SPD - FEEL IT workshop, Cambridge

Residential staff inset - Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder & personalised support plans, Bedfordshire

Parents FEEL IT workshop, South Down Syndrome support group, Paignton

INTERACT - Annual Hands-on event, Newton Abbot, Cambridge & Newcastle

Introduction to SPD - FEEL IT workshop, Newton Abbot 

Twilight training with Kingfisher Special school about Sensory Processing Disorder & how to support, Oldham

National Gallery SEND conference, Sensory considerations in a museum space & things to be aware of, London 

Inset training for primary school staff about recognising sensory processing difficulties, Leicester

Guest speaker about Sensory Processing Difficulties at Angelman UK families conference, Coventry

Pre-planned FEEL IT, Bournemouth

Observation and practical support for supporting a resident with sensory difficulties, Glastonbury

FEEL IT workshop for a local parents charity in Tiverton, Devon

Pre-planned FEEL IT, London

Sensory & Communication workshop for Diocese of Exeter early years, Exeter

Parents forum, Local Authority training, Introduction to understanding sensory needs, Epping Forest

Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) FEEL IT 1 day workshop understanding sensory behaviours, Milton Keynes

Graiseley Primary School inset training about Sensory Processing Difficulties, Wolverhampton

Sensory explorations meeting with The Sensory Trust, Plymouth

FEEL IT workshops for professionals and students, Switzerland / Italy

Pre-planned FEEL IT, Milton Keynes

Crawley autism awareness day, SPD awareness workshop & talk, Crawley

Autism Puzzles charity, FEEL IT workshop for parents, Cardiff

The Autism Show, presenting workshops educating about sensory difficulties for children with Special needs and supporting positive behaviours, Ghana, Africa

Maythorn staff training, personalised support & FEEL IT for new staff, Bedford

Forestway school, Parent training & staff twilight about SPD, Leicester

Cheshire Autism Practical Support (ChAPS), FEEL IT workshop x 2, Cheshire

Abbey Surestart - 2 x part day FEEL IT workshops for staff, Belfast

SENsations - FEEL IT workshop, Belfast

SENSE charity - FEEL IT workshop, Belfast

Learning Space - FEEL IT workshop about SPD, Belfast

Pre-planned FEEL IT, Derry

The Art Space FEEL IT workshop, Derry, Northern Ireland

CITACADEMIES, Grantham, Sensory Classroom immersive training for staff, Grantham

Carrwood Primary School, Autism Awareness assembly & mainstream workshops with pupils, Bradford

Tettenhall wood school, intro to SPD for local SENCO's, Wolverhampton

ADHD & Autism FEEL IT training, London

Mencap Greenwich, In-house FEEL IT workshop for staff, London

Masbro centre, Hammersmith & Fulham, FEEL IT workshop for parents, London

Pre-planned FEEL IT, Newton Abbot

Millwater parents training - FEEL IT training, Devon

Sensory Classroom community training with Waltham Forest parents group, Walthamstow, London

Cornwall Down's Syndrome support group - introduction to SPD, Truro

Northwood Park School, twilight staff training about SPD, Wolverhampton

Pre-planned FEEL IT, Swansea

Jig-So, In-house SPD intro and sensory room training, Cardigan, Wales

Caldwell Autism foundation sensory event, Carmarthern, Wales

Lifeworks college, In-house FEEL IT workshop, Devon


FEEL IT staff training for SPLASH, Buckfastleigh, Devon

Ran a workshop about SPD at WSCNE conference, Cambridge

No ticks no boxes event arranged by Flo Longhorn, London

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Kent

Invited guest to ERASMUS conference, Valencia - Effective strategies to support autism in schools

University of Central Lancashire training with BA Education students & staff, Lancashire

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Cardiff

SPD Foundation International symposium, Denver, CO

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Bristol

Project Aspie alphabet 12, Guest Speaker, Birmingham

Our Annual event INTERACT - Preston, London & Bristol

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Glasgow

PASDA, 1 day FEEL IT workshop, Edinburgh

Millwater school, parents FEEL IT workshop, Devon

London Transport Museum inhouse training, London

Eastlea school, London SPD training in the sensory room with Mike Ayres

Parallel London, SPD awareness workshop, London

Wanjawulo project, Uganda!

Masbro centre, H&F London, 2 sensory workshops for parents about SPD and support

Stepping Stones PRU, Lancashire, conference workshop (autism & ADHD focus)

Maythorn residential setting, Bedfordshire, DO IT training

Square Peg organisation, Ely, 2 short FEEL IT workshops for parents and professionals

Kent Down Syndrome parents group, Herne Bay, 1 day FEEL IT workshop

Open Senses festival, London, SPD awareness for the general public

Dovedale school, James Brindley, Birmingham DO IT workshop twilight session

Kingfisher shortbreaks service, FEEL IT short, Bedfordshire, staff training

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, London at QEII Jubilee school

Presfield School, Preston, Sensory Dining room training staff inset

London School of Economics, London, Exhibition of our installations at

Raeger school, Amsterdam, 1-1 sensory support

Mary Rose Academy, Portsmouth, Sensory Dining room training experience - inset training

Tattenhall wood school, Wolverhampton, 1 day FEEL IT workshop for education staff in local authority

Cheshire Autism Practical Support, Cheshire, Intro to SPD for Parents & staff

Presfield High School, Southport, intro to SPD staff training

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop, Preston

Installing installations at 'Best of British education' event, London, arranged by Flo Longhorn

Priors Court school, Thatcham, Guest Speaker - Sensory differences in Autism conference

Bilingual Nursery, London

Pre-planned FEEL IT workshop Norwich at Harford Manor school

Hammersmith & Fulham Early Years team, London SPD & Autism awareness with Austin Hughes

Maythorn residential, Bedfordshire short FEEL IT

Autism & ADHD organisation west London FEEL IT SPD awareness for parents and professionals

Bishopswood school, Berkshire SPD awareness staff inset training

Richard Alibon School, London

Waltham Forest Parents group workshops, London SPD Awareness




Waltham Forest Parents group workshops, London SPD Awareness

Carshalton College, London LDD Network talk

Guest speaker at Autism & Design Conference, Manchester

Orchard Club staff training day, Mayfield School, Torquay SPD awareness

Parents training, Orchard Saturday Club, Torquay SPD awareness

DyspraxinMe event in Westminster 

Raeger Autismecenter, Amsterdam SPD awareness & Sensory Dining room experience

Homestart volunteers, Ashford - SPD awareness

Autism-Europe International Congress 2016, Edinburgh - SPD Awareness installations

Pre-planned FEEL IT - Exeter

Parallel London, Volunteer - London

Tenacres school, Redditch - Staff INSET training 2 days

Phoebe Caldwell conference, London - SPD experiences with installations

Park Special School, Blackpool - Autism awareness evening

The Secondary Sensory Classroom, Bespoke installation, The Autism Show, London, Birmingham & Manchester

Temple Grandin conference, Reading, Lola's World exhibited

Sensory Dining room Launch - Queensmill school, London - May 2016

Pre-planned FEEL IT - Preston in The Space Centre

Queensmill School, London - Sensory Dining room installation launched 2 hour (with training), London

Crawley Autism Awareness day event at Manor Green College, Crawley - ran 3 workshops and had our installations

Pre-planned FEEL IT - Birmingham

BBC -  Neurodiversity event, London

Flo Longhorn joint training - Sensory Integration in the classroom, Birmingham

Jacqui Rochester & Dawn Ralph - autism & SLT professionals - INTERACT 2016

Mel & Rani - practitioners at the Special Yoga Foundation - INTERACT 2016

Jo Grace - founder of the sensory project - INTERACT 2016

Austin Hughes, senior practitioner from Anna Kennedy Online - INTERACT 2016

Young Epilepsy - St Piers College - FEEL IT workshop full day, East Grinstead

Positively Autistic - Autism & Alternative therapies conference - taster workshop of sensory processing difficulties 1 hour, Plymouth

Culmside supported living, Devon - FEEL IT workshop full day

Dyspraxic Me - a group for people with dyspraxia - sensory awareness workshop 2 hour, London

Queensmill School, London - Sensory Dining room installation launched 2 hour (with training), London

National Autistic Society - Professionals Conference, Telford - experiential installations

Kids in Museums, London Science Museum - Experiential Installations to support museum inclusion & training programmes

Barnet Council - Early years team - sensory awareness training for their local authority full day, London

Halesowen College, Birmingham - Staff training for young people in further education, Midlands



Flo Longhorn - Sensory Integration workshops & Sensory Curriculum - London

Wrekin Primary school, Shropshire - Sensory training focusing on inclusion

Ashford Group, Kent - Parents sensory support workshop

Cambian Group, Manchester - Experiential Installations, Sensory Awareness at their annual event

Scope, London - Communication awareness for adult support workers

Caldwell Foundation, London - Experiential Installations, Sensory Awareness

Hillyfield school, London - Communication awareness for nursery staff

Saturday Club, Mayfield School, Torquay - Sensory Experiential workshop

The Autism Show, London, Birmingham, Manchester - Bespoke installation, Sensory Classroom

Loddon School, Reading - Sensory Experiential workshop for support staff

Richard Hirstwood - Big Autism Play day - Lola's World exhibited, London

The Club, Muswell Hill - Sensory Awareness workshop for young people with additional needs, London

NAS, Sensory conference, Leeds - Sensory promotion

Artists for Autism, Leeds - Experiential Installations exhibited

Us in a Bus, Redhill - FEEL IT workshop exploring sensory processing difficulties

Dubai Autism Centre, Dubai - Sensory awareness for Occupational Therapists

Disability Rocks - a sensory chill out area at a music festival, UK wide

Central Saint Martins, London - SPD awareness exhibition

British Library, London - Communication awareness (Autism focus) exhibition

Little Angels, Uganda - Special support for sensory needs

Khushi, Mumbai - sensory processing awareness

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