Online Training - some are now CPD certified

We have created a range of online training courses from mini courses to full inset days, all are available for anyone to enroll onto wherever you live in the world!

As you know, we travel the world educating about and creating awareness of Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD) but we wanted to ensure that anyone can attend our courses even if we can't make it out to see you in person.

Becky loves what she does and her heart is in making sure that SPD is accurately understood.

Discounts for groups and school training packages!

We offer you great savings for groups of 10 or more when enrolling from the same group or organisation.


50% when groups of 10 or more

Enrollments are discounted for the same course, payment is upfront for 3 months access to the course for each participant from the date the payment is cleared.

We are also able to offer bespoke online training for settings and teams and extended access for 12 months. Email us for more information.

NEW! Launched March 2021

It's All on the Inside


This course focuses on the importance of our internal senses. Interoception is hugely important in our ability to self-regulate as well as recognise and respond to our emotions. We take you deeper into understanding this and what it can mean for the children and adults you care for with SPD.

What you will learn:

  • What is interoception?

  • The importance of our internal signals in daily life

  • The role of self-regulation and how you can support someone to develop these skills

  • The impact of interoceptive awareness and how this relates to body awareness, emotional awareness and regulation

  • Recognising interoceptive messages and how this can impact quality of life

  • How to identify characteristics specific to processing internal messages

  • Strategies to support someone with interoceptive processing difficulties at work or in the home

How to access our online training

So to enroll onto any of our courses here are some steps to follow

- click on the purple button on this page titled 'enroll here'

- a new site will open, you will see our 'Sensory Spectacle' school

- on that page you will also see the courses we have available

- you need to enroll as a student into our 'Sensory Spectacle school'

- once enrolled you can then select any of our courses and enroll onto them by clicking on them

- you will be asked to pay, once this has cleared this course will be added to your student profile on the site

- our courses have 3 - 12 months access, so make sure you check you enroll onto the one you want.

If you have any problems with enrolling please get in touch

Mini courses - Toileting, Eating & Sleeping

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Understanding our Senses - CPD certified

Gain a concrete understanding of our senses for a great baseline understanding of Sensory Processing Difficulties.

This course is designed to give you short and snappy information to deepen your knowledge and understanding of our senses.

This training is designed for professionals as well as parents who are short for time. You can watch all the videos in one go or you could watch them one at a time.

I will cover our 8 sensory systems which we are most commonly referring to when recognising Sensory Processing Difficulties.

Becoming a

Sensory Detective - CPD certified

Learn the skills to understand how to accurately recognise behaviours of Sensory Processing Difficulties.

On this course I will teach you the skills I rely upon when identifying and understanding a child or adult with Sensory Processing Difficulties' specific needs. I cover on this course

  • Why we need our senses for learning & development

  • What are Sensory Processing Difficulties, what does it mean and who may experience these difficulties

  • What characteristics of SPD mean and how to identify someone's over-riding sensory needs.

  • How SPD can impact daily living and what we need to consider

  • Terminology frequently used - explained so that you feel confident - whether you are a parent or professional to feel confident in professional meetings.

Teacher training - CPD certified

- Sensory Profiles in the classroom

Learn what specific characteristics of students you have in the classroom, what it means, what their most effective learning style is and how to support them.

Designed specifically for education staff, you will gain insight into why we may see certain characteristics from our students, what this means and how you can support them further in their learning.

You will learn

  • why our senses are so important in our learning and development

  • what we need to take into consideration in our classrooms

  • the sensory needs behind different students in your classroom, such as fidgety students, noisy students & clumsy students

  • how to recognise the best learning style for a student

  • how to create a sensory profile for your students which can then be carried through to the following years

Sensory Map - CPD certified 

- SEND training for museums, galleries & heritage sites

Everything museums, galleries and heritage sites need to know to support their visitors with SEND.

This training will teach you how you can make sure information is available for families and groups to access prior to their visit, what information they may find helpful, how to create a sensory map, how to find and access funding for this as well as other ways you can ensure all visitors feel welcome in your setting.

This training is delivered by becky Lyddon, Founder of Sensory Spectacle & Sam Bowen museum development officer and works for the South East Museum Development Programme based in Kent.

NEW - Inset for education 

- where to begin with supporting sensory needs

Have you had to re-schedule an inset day but still want your staff to have training?

Or maybe you want to save some money and arrange inhouse inset training yourself.

This online course can lead you through everything you need to know to support your students with Sensory Processing Disorder.

You'll learn about our 8 senses, why our senses are important for learning, how to understand and recognise someone's sensory characteristics, how to identify someone's over-riding sensory needs, strategies to support them as well as how to compile all this information into a sensory profile.

This can be worked though in 1 day or over a series of days. Our guidance notes gives you all then information you need to know in order to do this.

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