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Classroom Sensory Profiles

Online Training

Course Overview


This course aims to educate teachers, support and SEND staff about how to assess and respond to sensory difficulties in the classroom, including strategies and learning styles to suit student's differing needs.

You will learn:

  • To engage all senses in your teaching programmes

  • What specific sensory characteristics mean in the classroom, eg fidgeting, noisy or continuously moving students

  • How to approach teaching children with sensory difficulties and learning styles and strategies to suit them

  • How to complete a sensory profile of your students

Suitable for:

The course is aimed at all staff in an educational setting including teachers, support and SEND professionals.


Approximately 7 hours.

On completion you will be awarded with a certificate.


  • £210 for UK access

  • $270 for worldwide access

Note, prices are for online access for 3 months only.

Get in touch to request your 50% discount for a group of 10 or more.

How to enrol:

To access our online training, you will first need to enrol in our Sensory Spectacle school. This will open up a new site where you can create your own training profile.


Once you have done this you can enrol on any of our courses there or by clicking on the link below.


Very thorough with lots of useful information and detail that can be applied in the classroom.

Classroom Sensory Profiles

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