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Sensory Processing Disorder impacts people all over the world. Whether you are a charity, NGO, community project or educational setting we can come and support your team with education

and training.

We have worked in Uganda, Amsterdam, Dubai, Denver, Valencia, Mumbai and Switzerland.

Sensory Processing Training

We regularly exhibit and provide guest speaking at conferences and events all over the UK and further afield. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch.

SENshow Ghana 2018

REYO Paddock School, Accra, Ghana

Becky was invited to be part of the first SEN conference in Ghana.

Hannah Otoo, the founder of REYO Paddock School in Accra organised the event. She has a huge passion in supporting families to know 'they are not alone.'

Becky was in Ghana for a week and during that time ran some training sessions for local schools who have students with additional needs about SPD and afterwards presented at the SENshow conference.

The event exceeded expectations. The local Education Minister spoke on the day and the Deputy UK Commissioner in Ghana sent support and encouragement. The day before and after the conference there were radio broadcasts about the event, as well as a news feature on TV.

SENshow Ghana 2018

The conference had around 200 attendees which was awesome considering there is limited awareness about inclusion and support needed for parents around disability. We were encouraged to see so many families feel confident to come for the day. This aims to be an annual conference in Ghana.

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Wanjawulo Project, 2017

Iganga, Uganda

Becky was invited out to be part of a team to work in a community project in a village called Busu in Uganda for 2 weeks.

Here Becky has written about her time there:

Wanjawulo is the centre in Busu village in Iganga. The project began 3 years ago when 2 SEN professionals from Devon headed to the village upon recommendation that there were many disabled children and young people in the village needing support. The following year they headed back to the village with a team and during their visit managed to build a centre as well as entrust the project to a Social Worker (Sam) and Project Manager (Winnie) to continue to support the families when they had returned back to the UK. So this year when a new team visited they were so pleased to hear that the project had been running every week by Winnie & Sam.


Families who travelled for up to 3 hours on foot were there to greet us. We introduced ourselves to all the families who were there and then popped in to some of the families who didn't manage to make it on our journey home.


Wanjawulo is such an important project because the disabled children in the village can be in an incredibly vulnerable position. Many are hidden away at home, not given suitable food and postural support. They may also be left at home while the parents are at work during the day leaving them to look after themselves.

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Wanjawulo Project, 2017

During the 2 weeks we were there we built a playground on the same site as the centre to encourage play for the children particularly with sensory needs. We installed a trampoline, basket swing as well as a climbing area. The team was an amazing diversity of knowledge and talents and so we ran many informative training sessions for the parents and young people. I ran a workshop about sensory learning and how we can use everyday items to help develop and support sensory needs.


The parents coming to Wanjawulo were keen to learn how best to look after their child so we all made sure we interacted and supported all the children as much as possible so they could also learn through watching us.


For more information about Wanjawulo and to watch their videos head over to their facebook page.

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Raeger Autism Centre, 2016 & 2017


Sensory Spectacle were invited to Raeger to run 6 workshops for all their teaching staff. Raeger is a school for autistic children. We taught all about SPD including the importance of our senses, what SPD is, how to recognise SPD, how it might feel with our 'Being Ben' and 'Lola's World' installations, as well as ways to support sensory development. We also set up our Sensory Dining Room immersive experience for staff and parents to learn how SPD might impact meal times.

Staff implemented what they learnt the very next day which helped them to see huge improvements in the children's concentration.

Dubai Autism Centre, 2014

Dubai, UAE

Sensory Spectacle visited Dubai Autism Centre in May. While there we visited the classes and sat in to see how they support each child's individual sensory needs alongside their education.


Also, Becky ran a sensory workshop with their therapists which focused more on making resources to aid their work. The workshop included sensory processing as well as a 'hands-on' part where the staff got involved in making some sensory toys.


"A big ‘Thank You’ from the OT team for sharing your thoughts, ideas and information. The workshop was great and reignited the flame that the team has within them. Thank you also for bringing us laughter and leaving some goodies for the therapists to use in their sessions."Dubai Autism Center, May 2014

Dubai Autism Centre, 2014
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Angels Centre, 2013

Kampala, Uganda

Sensory Spectacle visited Angels Centre in Kampala, Uganda to help in their school. During our stay we ran a day of sensory activities to help inspire the parents and teachers. The teachers at this school are mostly parents willing to learn about children with disabilities. We demonstrated how we can play and learn at the same time! It was great fun and meant we could share our knowledge of sensory needs in a practical way.

Sensory Spectacle gave each child a sensory sack before leaving. Each bag contained personalised sensory toys / equipment. The children keep their sacks at school so that the teacher can use something specific for a child if needed. The parents have the choice to take their child's sack home during the holiday period, this helps to support the child's needs every day. This was made possible by kind donations.

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Angels Centre, 2013
Angels Centre, 2013

Kushi Training, 2012


While volunteering at Khushi, a sensory integration specialist school in Mumbai, Becky presented a talk about Lola's World.

Locally we made a mini version of Lola's World for people to experience. The presentation introduced the project 'Sensory Sense' and explained about SPD and the importance of experience to gain understanding.

Kushi Training, 2012
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