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It's All on the Inside

Online Training


This course focuses on the importance of our internal senses. Interoception is hugely important in our ability to self-regulate, as well as recognise and respond to our emotions. We take you deeper into understanding this and what it can mean for the children and adults you care for with SPD.

You will learn:

  • What interoception is

  • The importance of our internal signals in daily life

  • The role of self-regulation and how you can support someone to develop these skills

  • The impact of interoceptive awareness and how this relates to body awareness, emotional awareness and regulation

  • Recognising interoceptive messages and how this can impact quality of life

  • How to identify characteristics specific to processing internal messages

  • Strategies to support someone with interoceptive processing difficulties at work or in the home

Suitable for:

Anyone who is interested in learning more about SPD including parents / family members, education professionals, carers, therapists and support staff.


Approximately 2 hours.

On completion you will be awarded with a certificate.


  • £75 for UK access

  • $150 for worldwide access

Note, prices are for online access for 3 months only.

How to enrol:

To access our online training, you will first need to enrol in our Sensory Spectacle school. This will open up a new site where you can create your own training profile.


Once you have done this you can enrol on any of our courses there or by clicking on the link below.

A great introduction to understanding what is going on inside and why this may have an impact on behaviour.

It's All on the Inside

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