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Join Becky as she chats to other professionals to share knowledge about SPD, as well as insights from adults and children with SPD themselves.


Series 3 launching in 2023

Download episodes from our 'Living a Sensory Life' podcast from your podcast provider to listen to at your own convenience. 

Living a sensory life

SERIES 3 - an episode each month in 2023

1. Terminology relating to Sensory Processing Difficulties

2. Co-regulation & why it's important

3. Self-regulation and sensory characteristics

4. What are passive sensory characteristics?

5. Supporting sensory needs and changes in weather

6. Why we see different behaviours at home - coke bottle

7. Out & about on public transport - sensory needs to be aware of

8. How we can use visual schedules to support people with SPD

9. Supporting smell (olfactory) processing difficulties

10. SPD & daily living

11. Difficulties while out shopping for people with SPD

12. Tips for managing Christmas time - from children, adults & families with SPD

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