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Workshop Overview


This workshop is the first in a series of 3 workshops. It will give you a sound understanding of how SPD can impact individual lives and the terminology to be able to communicate effectively with an adult or child with sensory needs.

You will learn:

  • Why our senses are important to our development

  • What sensory integration is

  • What Sensory Processing Disorder is

  • How to identify characteristics of SPD

  • How it might feel to experience SPD using our experiential learning tools

  • How to support sensory development

Marble Surface

Suitable for:

Anyone who is interested in learning more about SPD including parents / family members, education professionals, carers, therapists and support staff.


This is a 1 day workshop (approximately 7 hours).

On completion you will be awarded with a certificate.


  • £85 per person at an open workshop

  • Contact us for in-house workshop prices (for up to 15 people)

We are awaiting the lifting of COVID restrictions before scheduling any more open workshops, however if you would like to be kept informed of future dates or run this as an in-house workshop, please get in touch

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The experiential side makes the theory

easier to understand.

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