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immersive learning

Immersive Learning

Our immersive learning installations provide a unique opportunity for everyone to learn what it feels like to experience sensory processing difficulties. They are a great way to create awareness and really get people thinking and talking about SPD.

All our installations are created based on descriptions and explanations shared by people living with SPD.

Immersive Learning
Above the Clouds

Immersive Experiences

Our 'Sensory Classroom' and 'Sensory Dining Room' provide a unique opportunity for learning through personal experience giving powerful insights into how it might feel to encounter the everyday challenges of people with sensory processing difficulties.


The FEEL IT workshop offers the opportunity to experience our 'Being Ben', 'Lola's World' and 'Mehdiosmia' installations.

Conferences & Exhibitions

We talk at and take our experiential learning installations around the world to conferences, events and training days. For upcoming dates visit our Events page. However if you are looking for a keynote speaker or would like to hear more about our installations drop us a line.

Immersive Experiences

Sensory Classroom

The Sensory

Immersive experiences
for teaching staff

This immersive learning training offers you the opportunity to understand what it is feels like to experience sensory processing difficulties in a classroom environment. 

The Sensory
Dining Room

Sensory Dining room

Immersive experiences for staff
in various settings

This immersive learning training provides you with the opportunity to experience how sensory processing difficulties might impact mealtimes, particularly in busy settings. 

immersive learning

More Sensory

Immersive experiences
for everyone

We have a range of immersive learning installations which we take to exhibitions and training to provide people with an authentic experience of various sensory processing difficulties.

sensory specialist

Are you a sensory specialist?

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and authenticity of our installations and training. We couldn't do it without our fantastic 'Sensory Specialists'; a group of adults and children with SPD who share their experiences and insights, so we can help provide deeper insights and bring their experiences to life.

With your help we want to raise awareness of SPD and create even more evidence-based and impactful training and resources. 

Marble Surface

What's involved in being a sensory specialist?

If you have SPD and are keen to help others learn from your experience, join our team of sensory specialists.


We may contact you from time to time for your personal insights or experiences relating to your sensory difficulties (or you can contact us). 

  • We look for descriptions of how individual sensations feel as well as descriptions for whole environments. We will share these to help raise awareness and educate others.

  • We may use your experiences to create a new installation.

  • We may seek your input to create a variety of other content for our website, training, videos or social media (only if you are happy to do this).

Things you should know

  • All descriptions shared can include your first name or be anonymous (whichever you prefer).

  • We know that everyone processes their sensations in a personalised way so there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to describe your experiences.

  • Descriptions can be in text or pictures (whatever works best for you).

I thought it was brilliant!

Experiential learning is always best. Although we know the theory and science, and see the childrens reactions, there is nothing so confirming as experiencing for ourselves tastes and textures that are unappetising or even repugnant.

The Sensory Dining Room

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