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The Sensory Supermarket

Immersive Learning

Experience Overview


This experience was funded by Wellcome Trust's public engagement fund. We worked with researchers from Oxford and Reading universities to create our supermarket.

The research looked into the public spaces that autistic people find most disabling.

There were 7 spaces and out of them the supermarket had the most research to use.

You will learn:

  • What can be disabling within a supermarket for some autistic people with Sensory Processing Differences.

  • More detail about these difficulties these can have on your impact of shopping.

  • How we can adjust or adapt a space to make it more enabling

Suitable for:

Large organisations to fund staff training and awareness.

Supermarket managers, owners, carers, family members.

Bespoke sessions only as this is not permanently built.

I thought it was brilliant!

Experiential learning is always best. Although we know the theory and science, and see the childrens reactions, there is nothing so confirming as experiencing for ourselves tastes and textures that are unappetising or even repugnant.

The Sensory Dining Room

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