Did you realise that Sensory Processing Disorder impacts 1 in 20 people!

Learn about Sensory Processing Difficulties on our workshops and immersive trainings. There are 2 main ways you can attend one of our workshops - either arrange an in-house session for your team or group or sign up for one of our Pre-planned FEEL IT workshops which we run throughout the UK.


Our workshops are for everyone including parents, teaching staff & schools, universities (both students & staff), early years settings, employers, medical professionals, carers, social workers, therapists as well as for charities & groups.


SPD is familiar within the autistic community, it is said that over 75% of autistic people have SPD and it is now featured in diagnosing. However SPD impacts 1 in 20, SPD can be recognised in people with no other additional needs. Our installations give you a unique opportunity to experience how SPD can impact people's lives.


Recent work has been with The Royal Academy of Art, The National Gallery, The Autism Show, BBC, Queensmill school, Flo Longhorn, The Space Centre, Jo Grace, Special Yoga Foundation, Young Epilepsy, The National Autistic Society


Popular workshops

You can attend these workshops individually on our pre-planned dates or book any of our workshops in-house for groups or teams as 1 day workshops, half day workshops or 2 day bookings.


Our most popular initial workshop is perfect for parents, professionals, support staff and students looking to understand more about Sensory Processing Difficulties. The workshop suits people who are new to sensory processing as well as those who have attended many workshops before.

This workshop will give you the confidence to understand how SPD can impact individual lives and the terminology in order to be able to communicate a student, child or adults sensory needs.

You will learn

  • why our senses are important to our development

  • what sensory integration is

  • what a Sensory Processing Disorder is

  • how to identify characteristics of SPD

  • how it might feel with our immersive learning tools

  • how to support sensory development

(new for 2019!)


This workshop follows on from our FEEL IT workshop.

Once you have gained the confidence to identify a child or adults 'over-riding' sensory needs you need to feel confident in knowing how best you can support them in all environments.

This workshop will show you how to create personalised plans and strategies to support people with Sensory Processing Difficulties.

You will learn

  • how we can focus on personalising sensory support

  • why we need to provide opportunities to support self-regulation

  • practical & fun strategies to support all 7 sensory systems

  • how to create a plan to support someone you care for

  • the importance of being flexible in providing SPD care


This workshop focuses on our 3 internal senses.

Internal sensations are vital to our daily lives and I talk about 3 main senses which we can recognise in some people with SPD as having difficulty with processing.

These senses are our Proprioceptive (body-awareness), Vestibular (movement & gravity) and Interoception (feeling of needing the toilet, tiredness, hunger & thirst).

You will learn

  • how each of these sensory systems function & why they are important

  • how we can recognise characteristics of sensory needs from these senses

  • the importance of understanding emotional regulation in regards to these internal messages

  • strategies being used to support these senses

We also cover topics including

  • Autism & SPD

  • Sensory room engagement & adapting environments.

  • ADHD & SPD

  • Anxiety & SPD

  • Anglemans & SPD

  • M.E & SPD

  • Dyspraxia & SPD etc.

  • Any co-morbidity / specific needs into to SPD

  • Optimising your Sensory space The importance of a sensory environment and how to support people with SPD

  • A personalised workshop based on your SPD needs

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