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We are passionate about raising awareness of SPD and helping as many people as possible to understand and support people who are impacted by it.

The majority of our workshops are therefore suitable for everyone including parents / family members, education professionals, carers, therapists and family support workers.

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Open Workshops

These workshops usually take place regularly throughout the year in various places across the UK. However, we have delayed scheduling further workshops pending the lifting of Covid restrictions.

In-House Workshops

If you have a group of 15 people, you may prefer to arrange an in house workshop for your setting. This offers you the opportunity to tailor the workshop to meet your needs.


SPD impacts people all over the world and we go wherever we are needed. We have delivered workshops, taken part in community projects and been a guest speaker in such places as Uganda, Amsterdam, Dubai, Denver, Valencia, Ghana, Mumbai & Switzerland.

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Bespoke Workshops

SPD can be highly complex and individual. Workshops can therefore be arranged on a wide range of subjects including (but not limited to):

  • Sensory room engagement and adapting environments

  • Optimising the sensory space: The importance of a sensory environment and how to support people with SPD

  • A personalised workshop based on your SPD needs

  • Autism & SPD

  • ADHD & SPD

  • Anxiety & SPD

  • Angelmans & SPD

  • M.E & SPD

  • Dyspraxia & SPD

  • Any co-morbidity / specific needs relating to SPD.

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This workshop is the first in a series of 3 workshops. It will give you a sound understanding of how SPD can impact individual lives and the terminology to be able to communicate effectively with an adult or child with sensory needs.

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This workshop follows on from our FEEL IT workshop. Having gained the confidence to identify a child or adults 'over-riding' sensory needs, this workshop gives you the confidence and strategies to support sensory needs in all environments.

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This workshop builds on what you learnt in our FEEL IT and DO IT workshops to focus on our 3 internal  senses; proprioceptive (body-awareness), vestibular (movement and gravity) and interoceptive (feeling needing the toilet, tiredness, hunger or thirst).


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The experiential side makes the theory

easier to understand.

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