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Sensory Spectacle was founded in 2014 by Becky Lyddon.


Whilst working with children and young people with complex health needs and disabilities, Becky became captivated by the autistic sensory world. She qualified as a Makaton tutor as well as developed unique training to help others understand and explain the way some children and adults with SPD were responding to their environment through their senses. Alongside her work she completed a Masters degree in Art and Science, earning a distinction for her immersive installations focussing on the autistic sensory world. This experience and understanding of sensory processing difficulties inspired Becky to want to educate others on how people with SPD experience their surroundings and so Sensory Spectacle was born.


Meet the Team

Becky Lyddon


Becky is passionate about raising awareness of SPD and providing a deeper level of understanding and support. She has developed hundreds of videos, resources and training and travels the world to run workshops, attend exhibitions with our immersive installations and as a keynote speaker at conferences.


She remains Sensory Spectacles driving force, supported by a small team made up of part-time employees, volunteers and 'sensory specialists' (children & adults with SPD).

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Amanda is our newest team member. She is refining our new branding and communications and

co-ordinating our marketing and social media.

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Graphic Designer

Emily is the face behind the visual illustrations used across all our communications. A talented Illustrator and Graphic Designer, she also has Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. She is passionate about bringing people together to discuss sensory problems and how to cope in everyday life.


Check out her blog, podcasts and social media channels for her experiences, interviews, advice

and tips.

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Events Assistant

Claire has been one of the driving forces since we started making our sensory installations. She is our chief representative and will be at most of our events helping people to reflect on their learning experience. Claire has over 20 years experience with people with additional needs.


Can you help us?

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and authenticity of our installations and training. We couldn't do it without our fantastic 'Sensory Specialists'; a group of adults and children with SPD who share their experiences and insights, so we can help provide deeper insights and bring their experiences to life.

With your help we want to raise awareness of SPD and create even more evidence-based and impactful training and resources. 

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When I'm in the classroom it feels like I am in the playground because the noise is so loud.