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Toileting Difficulties

Online Training

Course Overview


This mini course takes you through the sensory aspects of why some people with SPD may find it difficult to toilet train.

You will learn:

  • To understand your child or adult with sensory difficulties and how best to support them with their toileting (regardless of age)

  • Sensory play and activities which help to develop the skills for toilet training, like zips, buttons and wiping

Suitable for:

The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about SPD including parents, family members, care staff and other professionals to whom this might be relevant.


Approximately 2 hours (6 hours if part of Daily Living bundle). On completion you will be awarded with a certificate.


  • £36 for UK access

  • $54 for worldwide access


This can also be purchased along as part of the Daily Living bundle along with two other mini courses ('Exploring Sleeping Difficulties' and 'Exploring Eating & Food Difficulties')

  • £54 for UK access

  • $78 for worldwide access


Note, prices are for online access for 3 months only. Lifetime access is also available.

How to enrol:

To access our online training, you will first need to enrol in our Sensory Spectacle school. This will open up a new site where you can create your own training profile.


Once you have done this you can enrol on any of our courses there or by clicking on the link below.

In 6+ years of experiencing continence issues with my son, not a single health professional suggested processing issues may be influencing his difficulties. This training has prompted a journey that is helping me to understand my son, but also my clients. This should be mandatory for all staff in an educational setting. Thank you!

Toileting Difficulties

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